Welcome to BRT Supply Chain Advantage (SCA)!

We are BRT’s new 4PL, Outsourcing and Consultative Service which is a fancy way of saying, if a customer needs someone to be their Logistics Department, SCA can help them do that!

SCA came to be because several of our customers had approached BRT about bringing our High Service Logistics mentality to their entire supply chain rather than specific pieces of their transportation needs.

There are 3 benefits that differentiate us from our competition: (more…)

Q1 Letter from CEO, Dave Frizzell


I enjoy writing these newsletters because if forces me to take a minute to reflect on BRT’s accomplishments throughout the year. Business, like life itself, moves extremely fast. A big part of our job is to constantly explore ways that BRT can be a better value for its customers, carriers, and most importantly its employees. It’s rewarding to stop for a minute to look back at our accomplishments in 2015 and acknowledge the BadAss things we were able to accomplish as a team: (more…)

Blue Ribbon and The YMCA Partnership


Happy New Year!

We’d like to remind our employees whom have resolved to add more physical fitness to their day that we have a corporate sponsorship at the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, allowing us to join at a substantially reduced rate.

A huge thank you to CEO, David Frizzell, who serves as a volunteer member of their advisory board, for providing this benefit to not only us, but to our immediate family members as well. Dave’s relationship with the YMCA goes back to when he was 7 years old and first went to the Y to play organized basketball.

“The Y played a huge part during my youth as I continued to be involved in their sports and camp programs. The Y gave me and my family (more…)