Make a Difference – BRT & March of Dimes, March for Babies Walk

IMG_3568Saturday May 14th many of Blue Ribbon employees braved the cold and wind and took part in the annual March for Babies Walk, benefiting March of Dimes.  The walk began at the Washington Street Park downtown and took place along the White River Canal.

Prior to the date of the walk, individuals of BRT’s company team raised money and Blue Ribbon Transport contributed on behalf of the company.  The excitement to support this cause was generated by one of our employees whom had premature twins and received assistance from the March of Dimes.

March for Babies is the March of Dimes biggest weapon in the fight against premature birth, raising funds to help more moms have healthy, full-term babies as well as research to find why it occurs and preventions to keep it from happening.

We set a company goal of $1000 and we exceeded our goal, raising $1189.35, thanks to the Company match!

Good job BRT and thank you for making a difference!










BRT Volunteers to Help Lawrence’s 1st “Better Together” Event of 2016

A few BRT employees answered the call for last minute volunteers today and assisted The Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce’s first “Better Together” event of 2016.

Lawrence’sFridays at the Fort” live concert series has become a popular, family-friendly event right in BRT’s backyard.  To prepare for the new season, the Chamber asked for volunteers to help them paint an already sketched mural on the portable band stage behind the Theater at the Fort.

Thanks for stepping up BRT!






A Bet is A Bet: Could YOU Eat this Porter House Steak? Trish Did!

Our Supply Chain Advantage crew, Mark, Trish and Erich, recently visited a new client in Colorado. During dinner with the client at the steak restaurant, Sonny Lubick, Trish, SCA’s Senior Optimization & Implementation Consultant, perused the menu and asked how big was the 20160419_18025236oz porter house steak. The server advised Trish it was so big, only 2 men had EVER completely eaten this steak.

Mark, Director of Supply Chain Advantage, who was also at dinner with Trish and the client, could not resist the opportunity to challenge Trisha to order the steak along with a pound of asparagus and eat ALL of it.  IF she could eat it all, Mark would sing karaoke to the song of Trisha’s choice in front of the entire Blue Ribbon Team once back in the Indianapolis offices.

Mark didn’t really think Trish would accept the challenge but – she did.

Here’s Trish’s reaction when the steak arrived:

It took her 47 minutes but she did it!!!

She Ate Every Bit of the steak and the pound of asparagus!









During the 47 minutes it took Trish to eat her dinner, servers, cooks, and patrons peeked over in amazement.  The client was so stunned that she cleaned her plate, he’d shared the story with the entire company by the time our SCA crew arrived at the client’s offices the next morning.  They were impressed!

A Bet is a bet, Mark!

Once back at the BRT offices, Trish and her SCA partner, Erich, Senior SCA Analyst, secretly planned how best for Mark to “pay up”.  It was determined that we’d spring it on Mark after he gave an update on the account visit to the entire Blue Ribbon Team.

Want to know what song Trish and Erich picked for Mark to sing?  Here it is!