Giving Back with Back Packs to Support our Local Army

IMG_4684Once again, many employees of Blue Ribbon Transport had the privilege of helping pack back packs for the children of many Army families in Lawrence by partnering with The Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and the Army Reserve.

Leading up to the initiative, BRT employees donated supplies to contribute to items donated by Operation Homefront and Dollar Tree.

Thank you to everyone who donated supplies, books, clothes, or their time to this years backpack stuffing event for the Army Reserve!

The event went really well and everyone worked together as a group to make it a successful event. We stuffed over a hundred backpacks with supplies for the soldiers and their families!

The director of family services, Peggy, and her team of five to eight individuals service 13 states, all the way east to PA, south to AL, and the whole Midwest.  8,000 soldiers fall into her command.  This event, and others like it, ripple out very far.  This year was pretty tough and they didn’t receive as may supplies this year as last.  We had half as many backpacks and a third as many supplies.  They were truly grateful for all we were able to collect as we helped to fill in that shortfall.

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Employee Appreciation Pancake Breakfast

Employees were welcomed bright and early Wednesday morning by the smell of pancakes.

Our Engagement Committee provided pancakes and a variety of toppings (chocolate chips, blueberries, whip cream) to show our hard working BRT team members our appreciation.

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The Engagement Committee is composed of  The Director of HR, as the chair of the committee, a member of the leadership team (that rotates into or out of the committee each year) and volunteer members representing all of BRT departments to ensure the “voice” is heard from the entire company.

The main purpose for this committee is to vet through all employee suggestions, decide and manage company and community events/involvement and serve as the leadership team’s sounding board on decisions that may affect employee morale or how a decision may impact employees.   The committee also helps management prioritize what’s important to employees as far as change/improvements.

The engagement committee plans diverse activities for our employees to participate in inside and outside of the work place; during and sometimes after business hours.  Our activities range from company lunch pitch ins, community involvement, contests, family picnics, and recognition events.  Details and pictures of many of our events can be found on our company blog under the title BRT Culture and on our Facebook page.



In Sales, You have to ASK for the Business

You can be great at presenting information to a prospect, and building a relationship, however, if you cannot effectively ask for the business, you will never win.
John Carlson – Manager of Business Development

As a sales person, you must always be ready to ask for the close. This starts even as you are interviewing for a new sales job. I have done a lot of interviewing in my career, and the best sales people ask for the close during the interview process.

There is never a wrong or right time to ask for the close, but it is uncovering the correct way to go about it. I love when I conclude an interview, and the candidate closes me on why I should hire them for the position. This to me, shows that they truly want the position and to join our team. The best way I have seen this done is when a candidate asks, “Are there any reasons you would not hire me for this position”. Then, they go on to sell me as to what the resolution would be to my concerns = true selling.

NeedsEverything we do in life is sales, and you have to be ready to ask for the business, to get it. I do not care what you are selling, the sales cycle is the same. Opening, Needs assessment, solution development, then asking for the close once you have presented the solution. It is hard for someone to say no, when you have already delivered all the answers to their questions and problems.

In logistics you have to ask for the close in many ways. You have to ask for a chance to speak to the decision maker. You have to ask for the chance to quote shipments. You have to ask for the chance to do your first load together. You have to ask to get the credit application back. If you are uncomfortable with having these types of discussions, sales is probably not for you.

You can be great at presenting information to a prospect, and building a relationship, however, if you cannot effectively ask for the business, you will never win. Your opportunity may present itself early in the sell, or it may not happen until the very end. Always be on the lookout for the chance to ask for the business.

When do you find it most effective to ask for the close?

John Carlson LinkedIN

Blue Ribbon Blood Drive with American Red Cross a Success!

IMG_3073Thank you to our dedicated Blue Ribbon Employee, Kathryn Stuckey for spearheading this amazing community event last Friday, August 5th.

After hearing about the tragic shooting event in Orlando, she wondered how she could make a difference locally and organized this event for BRT and our Fort Benjamin Harrison neighbors. She read this article about why giving blood after Orlando matters so much.

The next day, she began organizing an opportunity for BRT to host a blood drive with The American Red Cross, which will gave all the employees the opportunity to participate and make a difference.

The American Red Cross blood mobile sat outside the BRT offices located at 5752 Wheeler Road on Fort Ben’s Campus in Indianapolis from 12-6pm last Friday and employees and guests lined up to donate blood.

Blue Ribbon Transport’s sister company, Caito Foods provided fruit and BRT provided snacks, drinks and give-aways via a raffle to employees who sign up to donate.

The successful event surpassed our goal by  Kat says, “Thanks everyone for making this event so successful. We exceeded our goal by 10 people!! We had 55 people signed up!!! 31 are BRT employees!!!IMG_3072

Indiana Blood Services Region Account Manager, Meg Ahlering, says “Great job at turning an ordinary day into an EXTRAORDINARY DAY!

For more information on the American Red Cross and how you can host a blood drive at your place of employment, visit their company website here.

Congrats to our Escape Room Qualifiers!

Congratulations to the BRT employees, one from each department, who were voted by their PEERS to attend The Escape Room Indianapolis as a Team!

All BRT employees were asked to vote for one person from the following departments: Operations, AM, Pricing/Procurement, SCA, Finance/Accounting/IT, Sales , TOP Intern, and HSL!

Here’s our Winners!


  • Operations:  Matt McGinn
  • AM:  James Posipanka
  • Pricing/Procurement:  Rachel Wilburn
  • Supply Chain Advantage:  Trish Monroe
  • High Service Logistics:  Erik Westrick
  • Finance/Accounting/IT:  Matt Stoner
  • Sales:  Jon Erik Bennet
  • Intern:  Claudel Dickentone

Great job everyone!!