A Screamin’ Fun Halloween Costume Contest at BRT

Voted by their peers, employees had the opportunity to win best Individual costume & Traveling Department Spirit Award today during our in office Halloween Costume Contest.


These folks are dressed as “Excuses not to show up to work today”. Can you guess who’s sick, dead, on vacation and hungover?!

Mario Brothers

Mario Brothers

Super Pregnant Girl Fueling Up

Super Pregnant Girl Fueling Up


Walking Dead Fans know Rick and Rosita

The “trophy” for the best individual costume went to Carson as Bob Ross!



Best Traveling Department Spirit Award goes to our Freight Department Mario Brothers!


Thanks to all the employees who participated in the Halloween Fun!  View more pictures on our Facebook Page!

Q3 Letter From CEO, Dave Frizzell


As a business grows so does the amount of information, details, and duplicate processes. Things naturally get more chaotic and ultimately more complex. The easy trap to fall into at this point is to continue to layer process on top of process which at some point will only confuse and then paralyze a company. At this point in order to take two steps forward you need to take a step backwards. This is where BRT finds itself right now.

We have had a lot of change this year in regards to structure and technology. The goal behind all of this is to simplify our business and master the 6-10 core processes that define success in each department. While this is a simple strategy, it is not easy. It requires patience and it requires all of us to ask the questions why and how. Why am I doing a seemingly redundant function?

How does this function directly correlate with my department’s 6-10 core processes? How can we simplify it to be more effective? Doing this takes an open mind, patience, and embodies one of our core values, Teamwork. As we continue to strive for excellence we will also continue to simplify and refine. Sometimes we will get it right the first time, and many times we will get it wrong. The important thing is for us to acknowledge and embrace when something is working and likewise be honest and willing to change when something is not.

These recent changes are putting us in position to come into 2017 with a head of steam. I am very excited about the direction we are taking and the team we have in place.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” ― Ernst F. Schumacher

Dave’s LinkedIn Page

Blue Ribbon Transport Offering FREE Flu Shots to Employees


As we move into Fall season, we know that the Flu can travel quickly among us all.  Therefore, all full time BRT employees are being offered FREE flu shots in the office today.

Thank you to Walmart Pharmacy for bringing all that’s needed onsite to our training room to provide this convenient service to our employees.  And, thank you to all of our BadAss employees who are taking advantage of this opportunity to prevent the flu and stay healthy this season!

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BRT Participates in a Fun & Rewarding Community Event with Indy DO Day!


Friday, September 30th, many BRT employees participated in a major community service initiative across the city of Indianapolis called Indy Do Day.  This event overall is an an opportunity for people to get to know their neighbors, take ownership of the community they live in, and also help take care of one another.

Indy-Do-Day encourages people to think outside the box when it comes to finding ways to give back.  Over 15,000 individuals from various organizations signed up to participate over the course of three days.

After participating last year, BRT jumped at the chance to participate once again this year gathering three times as many volunteers as last year.  Employees split into two day shifts:  a morning group from 9am-noon and an afternoon group from noon-3pm.

Partnering with the Lawrence Township School Foundation, BRT focused on cleaning up the Garden and the nature trail at Skiles Test Elementary School.

You may view photos, videos, and testimonials about all the great work done on Indy DO Day on our Facebook and Twitter as well as Indy Do Day’s Facebook and Twitter (@IndyDoDay and #IndyDoDay ).

Check out this great video capturing the hard work of many volunteers and BRT at minute 2:32!