The Largest Holiday Card We have Ever Made!


Blue Ribbon Transport was asked to participate in Lawrence’s 5th annual Tree lighting ceremony on November 26th, 2016 by creating a large BRT branded Holiday card.  This large card is to be displayed along “Christmas Card Lane” on Post road, in the heart of what was once Fort Benjamin Harrison and just down the road from BRT headquarters.

Our card will be displayed before, during and after the parade that will kick off the season at 5pm on the 26th.

The family friendly event will include a visit from Santa, the Grinch, caroling, a one hour musical program and the tree lighting.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the planning, construction and painting!  All of your efforts created an amazing, festive card.  Our card will be displayed on Post Road between Otis Ave., and 59th St. beginning Saturday afternoon through the holiday season.


BRT Collects Much Needed Items to Assist our Honored Veterans This Thanksgiving


John Carlson, Manager of Business Development, introduced the employees of BRT to the Non Profit, Homeless Veteran’s Initiative Program (Homeless VIP) as a result of a close friendship with Veteran, Chris Manus, who founded Homeless VIP.  John has a true passion to give back to his community and working with Chris to help our Indianapolis Veterans was a natural fit.

john-c-chairJohn, volunteering as Vice President of Homeless VIP, has led the charge to start a collection at BRT to gather much needed items such as coats, blankets, boots and food for our honored and deserving Veterans in the Indianapolis area this Holiday Season.  John says, “It is a truly humbling experience to help those less fortunate in our local community, especially veterans who have fought for our freedom. As vice president of this Non Profit Organization, I want to do anything I can to help!”

All of us at BRT are excited to help John and Homeless VIP show our Veterans our appreciation and support!

BRT has a collection box set up in the kitchen for clothing donations and Homeless VIP will be volunteering our time at the annual Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation (HVAF) Thanksgiving dinner.  Homeless VIP, with BRT’s help and the help of other generous donors, hope to provide additional food items through donations that can be made via their website here.

We will be collecting the following items:

  • Long-Johns
  • Sock Caps
  • Gloves
  • Winter Coats
  • Winter Boats
  • Scarfs
  • Thick Socks
  • Blankets

Items needed for the Thanksgiving dinner include:  Rolls, Cranberry sauce, Assorted desserts, Pie, Brownies, cookies, cake, etc.; Assorted soft drinks & tea; Cups, Napkins, Plastic ware .

BRT sees this initiative as a wonderful opportunity as an organization to help John with this effort that will have an immediate and meaningful impact on our local Veterans.

Please share with your friends, family and peers in the Indianapolis area to help us collect the above mentioned items.  Or, you may contact Homeless VIP directly via email at: [email protected] or their Facebook Page here if you’d like to donate directly or start your own collection drive.

If you live outside of the Indianapolis area, we encourage you to reach out to your local VOA or similar Non Profit Organization in your area this season.

How BRT uses Real Time Technology to Optimize Frequent, Smart Delivery



“Blue Ribbon Transport (BRT) offers Optimization Solutions utilizing the power of MercuryGate’s Mojo Optimizer. Combine this software with BRTs FSMA compliant network, and customers can now benefit from our combined Optimization Tools and High Service Perishable Commodity mindset”.
-Trish Monroe, Senior Assessment & Implementation Consultant

While networking within the logistics industry, I consistently hear buzz words like “LTL shipments”, “optimization”, “competitive line haul rates”, and, the one that blows my mind, “more frequent deliveries to end customers”.

Why the need for these “buzz words”?  Are we not satisfied with how transportation works today?

Over the last decade, vendors and customers have worked tirelessly to reduce transportation cost by minimizing the frequency of deliveries to end destinations. So why are we going backward? The answer is: We aren’t!

By increasing deliveries you are giving your end customers the ability to order more frequently in reduced quantities. This reduces their storage expenses and allows them to operate on a leaner level.  On the other hand, this may be advantageous for ‘Smart’ vendors as well.  If consolidation can be had of smaller shipments a vendor can utilize a multi-stop truckload solution, or potentially dedicated routes. With this evolution of optimization within the industry, 3PLs as well as shippers are now able to meet your needs while also keeping costs down. This is done by consolidation, what if scenarios, as well as network overlapping. Manual paper and pen approach is the way of the past.

I’d like to reference a White Paper, MercuryGate and Mojo.  In this paper you will read of all the positive ways that Mojo can help change a shipper, 3PL, and even a consultant’s role. Touching every part of a supply chain from Shipper to 3PL to end customer.

“Optimization can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios. It can be used during the procurement process to make sourcing decisions, during the actual planning process when you’re identifying capacity requirements, and during the execution process when you’re building actual loads. Last but not least, it can also be used in strategic network design when making decisions like adding pool points to reduce network cost.”

Blue Ribbon Transport (BRT) offers Optimization Solutions utilizing the power of MercuryGate’s Mojo Optimizer. Combine this software with BRTs FSMA compliant network, and customers can now benefit from our combined Optimization Tools and High Service Perishable Commodity mindset.

Why is beneficial? When looking for a 3PL or an outsource solution it is imperative to know the product and have solutions. BRT works with everything from dry product to produce and even ice cream. With a nationwide network of head hauls and back hauls as well as consolidation warehouses, we are focused to run the best solutions for our clients.

Utilizing Mojo for consolidation and pooling points BRT can take your 2 pallet deliveries 4 times a week and consolidate routes to ensure you’re getting the best “bang for your buck”.   Erich Hofmann, Senior Supply Chain Analyst (BRT), states “If you can think it, you can try it with this software.  Sometimes you look like a Genius and sometimes a Dud but you can always find the answer to that ‘what if’ question.”

Cross customer consolidation, network overlying, backhaul programs, and even procuring partnerships are all the way of the future. Utilizing tools to continually improve service and networks is BRT’s expertise. Here at Blue Ribbon, we strive to partner with our clients not just a transportation provider but to be a supply chain partner.  If you need more information on the direction the industry is going or what BRT has to offer please contact me or my team of Supply Chain Advantage Specialists!