Once again this year, we had a lively break in the middle of the afternoon to participate in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt and potluck pitch-in.

Just a few of the BRT Peeps in green – including Peter O’Donnell, VP of merger integration from SpartanNash, wearing his Ireland jacket

Prior to Friday’s hunt, team members were asked to provide two facts their co-workers may not know about themselves, to be used as clues during the scavenger hunt. Associates were placed on teams comprised of one person from each department to encourage team building and getting to know others they may not interact with day to day.

Teams were asked to choose a captain and a team name and were given 5 clues.  Nine teams competed with teams names such as, “No Lucks Given”, “The Celtics”, and “The Killians”. Everyone was to walk around and find the individuals who matched the clues.  Teams completed their hunt once all 5 clues were matched with the correct BRT team member.


View many more fun photos on our Facebook Page and check out the scavenger hunt live action video on our YouTube Channel!