IMG_4684Once again, many employees of Blue Ribbon Transport had the privilege of helping pack back packs for the children of many Army families in Lawrence by partnering with The Greater Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and the Army Reserve.

Leading up to the initiative, BRT employees donated supplies to contribute to items donated by Operation Homefront and Dollar Tree.

Thank you to everyone who donated supplies, books, clothes, or their time to this years backpack stuffing event for the Army Reserve!

The event went really well and everyone worked together as a group to make it a successful event. We stuffed over a hundred backpacks with supplies for the soldiers and their families!

The director of family services, Peggy, and her team of five to eight individuals service 13 states, all the way east to PA, south to AL, and the whole Midwest.  8,000 soldiers fall into her command.  This event, and others like it, ripple out very far.  This year was pretty tough and they didn’t receive as may supplies this year as last.  We had half as many backpacks and a third as many supplies.  They were truly grateful for all we were able to collect as we helped to fill in that shortfall.

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