What is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) Service?

Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies provide services to other companies by complementing or replacing their internal logistics operations with a cost effective and efficient alternative. Specializing in transporting, warehousing and scheduling of the delivery of goods owned by others, Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies become an integral part of their customer’s supply chain.  The 3PL provider takes physical possession of goods to be delivered, arranges the appropriate delivery method or mode of transportation, arranges schedules and handles all operational tasks associated with the delivery process. These services may be provided on a one-time or ongoing basis.

How is Blue Ribbon Transport different than other 3PL and 4PL companies?

Specializing in produce, food and beverage, Blue Ribbon Transport’s high service logistics team ships nearly anything. We manage thousands of refrigerated perishable goods truckloads a week.  We also offer dry FTL, LTL and intermodal transportation, as well as warehousing and LTL load consolidation.  Blue Ribbon Transport guarantees High Service Logistics on every load or it’s FREE.  

What types of deliveries can you do?

Blue Ribbon Transport can provide competitively priced ground transportation for LTL and full truckload freight. BRT’s dedicated fleets offer temperature-controlled and dry transport options, and our logistics specialist streamline your supply chain with warehousing and forward distribution. LTL load consolidation mean better rates from carriers – savings we pass on to you.

What industries benefit from 3PL services?

Most companies that have daily needs, or infrequent needs, for the delivery of their products can benefit from third party logistics. Our specialty is in produce, food, and beverage transportation, but our dedicated carriers haul anything and everything. With frequent shipments between the Midwest and Southeast and the country’s major produce-growing regions, we offer competitively-priced backhaul lanes for LTL and full truckload freight.

What is your service area?

Anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Can Blue Ribbon Transport save my company money?

As experts in transporting and warehousing we operate efficiently and assume the administrative as well as the physical roles of delivery. By providing a reliable service, with fixed costs and knowing how to obtain the lowest costs for delivery we routinely lower a client’s delivery costs. We utilize Mercurygate’s Transportation Management System, MOJO, a powerful transportation optimization solution that analyzes shipments, rates, and constraints to produce realistic load plans that reduce overall freight spend.

Will I lose control of my delivery process?

No.  Using cutting edge transportation management technology, we will optimize your supply chain. We use real-time information to consolidate shipments and match complementary lanes to give your business a competitive edge.  Your shipment is monitored from the time of pickup until delivered.  Our tracking allows us to know exactly where your shipments are while enroute and our phones are answered by a live person in our office, 24/7 even on Holidays, to quickly handle any question or inquiry.

Do you guarantee savings?

Our core focus is efficiency. We run dedicated routes to Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Meijer, Spartan, Target, Marsh, Central Grocers, Aldi, Gordon Food Service, Sysco, Walgreens, Dollar General, and many other food and beverage distributors. Combined LTL shipping lets us negotiate better rates from carriers, which we then pass on to you.  BRT uses our Proven Process (BRT_Proven_Process) to partner with elite carriers from across the nation. Then, we help customers leverage the virtually unlimited capacity of those dedicated fleets. Our Proven Process ensures a high-touch experience with a Logistics Coordinator who is constantly looking for new ways to save you time and money.

What size company would benefit from your Logistics Consulting?

Companies of all sizes can benefit from our 3PL logistics consulting services.  Companies that have daily needs, or infrequent needs, for the delivery of their products can benefit from Blue Ribbon Transport’s third party logistics consulting.