It was another incredibly fun day at BRT as we competed in our 2nd Annual BRT Olympic Games!

This year we stepped it up with our line of events to ensure that every associate would want to participate.  From Nintendo to Chair Racing, we shared a ton of laughs while cheering on our teammates.

“I look forward to the BRT Olympics every year, because it allows me to learn more about my co-workers from other departments, which normally, I would not be in direct communication with. It provides a place where you can compete with/against others, allowing for fun-spirited rivalries and new friendships.  Let’s be honest, where else can you answer “How was your work day” with “Not too bad, we played Mario Kart on Nintendo 64”’ — Nick Schwartz, Consultant, Account Management.

This year, each team chose a country to represent.  Everyone was encouraged to wear their country’s attire and learn their National Anthem.  You will notice in the pictures below, attire was embraced, but we didn’t have any volunteers to sing…….

“In a culture that strives for excellence in both work and wellness, this event is perfect,” said Emily Karaff, Manager of Billing & Settlement.  “Not only do we compete in teams (one person from each department), we also build internal relationships with each other through teamwork and celebration.”

At BRT we work hard to support our customers every day, but we also know it’s invaluable to support each other.  Regardless of the day’s stressors, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a good game of “Peer Pong”!!!!