Friday, September 30th, many BRT employees participated in a major community service initiative across the city of Indianapolis called Indy Do Day.  This event overall is an an opportunity for people to get to know their neighbors, take ownership of the community they live in, and also help take care of one another.

Indy-Do-Day encourages people to think outside the box when it comes to finding ways to give back.  Over 15,000 individuals from various organizations signed up to participate over the course of three days.

After participating last year, BRT jumped at the chance to participate once again this year gathering three times as many volunteers as last year.  Employees split into two day shifts:  a morning group from 9am-noon and an afternoon group from noon-3pm.

Partnering with the Lawrence Township School Foundation, BRT focused on cleaning up the Garden and the nature trail at Skiles Test Elementary School.

You may view photos, videos, and testimonials about all the great work done on Indy DO Day on our Facebook and Twitter as well as Indy Do Day’s Facebook and Twitter (@IndyDoDay and #IndyDoDay ).

Check out this great video capturing the hard work of many volunteers and BRT at minute 2:32!