SpartanNash held an Earth Week donation drive at 80 of their corporate-owned grocery stores in partnership with Goodwill and BRT joined in to host a drive here at our Corporate location in Indianapolis.  Since 2011, SpartanNash associates and store guests have diverted more than 121,500 pounds of materials from landfills through these donation drives and the team members of BRT were excited to participate in a similar initiative here in Indy!

The drive started April 14th and we collected thru Monday afternoon on the 24th when the Goodwill truck came to pick up the donations.  Each day we watched the number of bags full of donations increase on our in office basketball court which inspired more of team members to contribute and reach our goal.

For every 13 gallon bag that BRT could fill, Goodwill would donate a USD $5.00 voucher to the charities and community organizations we support locatlly .  Employees were asked to look in closets, dressers, basements, and storage units for items to donate and help BRT raise money for those in need.







Each team member received a ticket for each bag donated and each ticket was a chance to win one of two USD $50.00 Gift Cards.  The final number was 60 bags donated to Goodwill and the winners of the two Gift Cards were Abigail Harcourt and Jamie Meyer.

Director of HR, Jamie Meyer

Abigail Harcourt – HSL Specialist

Thank you to all who donated to this event and for all your support!  Another example of being BadAss!