Q3 Letter From CEO, Dave Frizzell


As a business grows so does the amount of information, details, and duplicate processes. Things naturally get more chaotic and ultimately more complex. The easy trap to fall into at this point is to continue to layer process on top of process which at some point will only confuse and then paralyze a company. At this point in order to take two steps forward you need to take a step backwards. This is where BRT finds itself right now.

We have had a lot of change this year in regards to structure and technology. The goal behind all of this is to simplify our business and master the 6-10 core processes that define success in each department. While this is a simple strategy, it is not easy. It requires patience and it requires all of us to ask the questions why and how. Why am I doing a seemingly redundant function?

How does this function directly correlate with my department’s 6-10 core processes? How can we simplify it to be more effective? Doing this takes an open mind, patience, and embodies one of our core values, Teamwork. As we continue to strive for excellence we will also continue to simplify and refine. Sometimes we will get it right the first time, and many times we will get it wrong. The important thing is for us to acknowledge and embrace when something is working and likewise be honest and willing to change when something is not.

These recent changes are putting us in position to come into 2017 with a head of steam. I am very excited about the direction we are taking and the team we have in place.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” ― Ernst F. Schumacher

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Q2 Letter from CEO Dave Frizzell

DSC_0030It has been extremely exciting to see so many new faces around BRT. Between recent new hires and our intern program, parking is becoming a premium!

The type of growth we are experiencing at BRT presents unlimited opportunities for our team members. It also presents its own set of challenges. The biggest challenge is culture.

As most of you know I am a firm believer in culture. Whether it’s here at work or at home, we all are part of a culture. The word itself is simply a noun, but when you put an adjective in front of it, suddenly culture becomes an extremely powerful force. One that can propel a company and its people to success and personal fulfillment or one that can limit potential and demoralize well-being.

I side with Tony Hsieh’s, the CEO and of Zappos, belief; that interactions both between employees and with customers and vendors – are the key to a business’s identity. Here are two of my favorite quotes from Tony:

  1. Surround yourself with the right people:  “At Zappos, we really view culture as our No. 1 priority. We decided that if we get the culture right, most of the stuff, like building a brand around delivering the very best customer service, will just take care of itself.”–January 9th, 2010, The New York Times
  2. Practice what you preach:  “We believe that it’s really important to come up with core values that you can commit to. And by commit, we mean that you’re willing to hire and fire based on them. If you’re willing to do that, then you’re well on your way to building a company culture that is in line with the brand you want to build.”–November 15, 2010, The Huffington Post

The amazing power about culture is that it is not created by the CEO, HR, or Marketing. Those departments simply nurture it. An authentic culture is created by everyone. Every activity we execute, every decision we make, and every interaction we have has a direct impact on the culture you are a part of. At the end of the day BRT will only go as far as we all decide to take it.

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Q1 Letter from CEO, Dave Frizzell


I enjoy writing these newsletters because if forces me to take a minute to reflect on BRT’s accomplishments throughout the year. Business, like life itself, moves extremely fast. A big part of our job is to constantly explore ways that BRT can be a better value for its customers, carriers, and most importantly its employees. It’s rewarding to stop for a minute to look back at our accomplishments in 2015 and acknowledge the BadAss things we were able to accomplish as a team: (more…)

Q4 Letter From Dave Frizzell

DSC_0030Football, chili cook-offs, and brisk mornings….. Fall is in the air and we are rounding the backstretch of 2015. BRT has a lot to be proud of in Q3. In July we hit a record for gross profit and this was a major milestone that required all of us to exhibit extraordinary TEAMWORK!

In 2012 we applied for State economic incentives that were tied to our growth. We promised that we would have an employee count of 70 by the end of 2015. We have hit that goal and are well on our way to exceeding it.

At the beginning of this year we set a 3 year goal of being named a Top 100 3PL by Food Logistics. We hit that goal 2 years early.

We recently participated in Caito Foods annual review in which BRT was highlighted for driving programs that had a massive impact to Caito’s bottom line. Our Caito Team has put a ton of effort this year into building mutual trust with Caito Foods, currently our biggest customer. That effort has secured us the commitment from Caito to manage their entire supply chain (inbound and outbound). This will add to our top line while partnering on initiatives that will save Caito!

We are currently recruiting, adding new technology, and tackling challenges.  We will always have challenges or “Issues” in our business….. What separates great companies from mediocre ones is the ability to be honest with ourselves, identify the issue, confront and verbalize the issues and work together to come up with a solution. I can’t think of a better group of people to do that with than the ones here at BRT…..  As always, thank you all so very much for everything you continue to do for BRT.