At BRT, we have a saying: “Nothing is harder than produce.” And we love the challenge! With our roots in produce, food, and beverage shipping, we bring a high-service, solutions-based mentality to all your transportation needs.

Around our office, we have another saying: “We’re not asset-based, we’re badass-based.” Instead of investing in expensive equipment, we invest in our associates. And instead of focusing on our asset utilization measures, we focus on your needs. Our high service logistics experts will find your business the right solution at the right value.

Our nimble, dedicated-fleet model gives us guaranteed capacity and virtually unlimited shipping potential. We leverage cutting edge logistics technology along with our Proven Process to increase lane density, so we can offer you greener, more affordable, more convenient high service freight logistics options.

"BRT has been providing me with the solutions to my shipping needs for years. I’ve always appreciated their high level of service, efforts that go beyond, and their professionalism."

Mike Van Horn
Director of Delivered Sales Transportation

Transportation Intermediaries Association

We are a member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) and have experienced double digit growth since 2003.

Smartway Transportation

Blue Ribbon Transport is proud to be a Certified Smartway Transportation Partner.