“BRT continually adds value to our Supply Chain by providing the right solutions for our distribution challenges. BRT’s world class people and cutting edge technology gives our company a decisive edge in an extremely competitive industry. We demand the highest levels of service and communication from our vendors and BRT meets those standards day in and day out”.

Tony Mitchell
VP of Procurement, Caito Foods Service

“BRT has been providing me with the solutions to my shipping needs for years. I’ve always appreciated their high level of service, efforts that go beyond, and their professionalism.”

Mike Van Horn
Director of Delivered Sales Transportation

“BRT has not just been a customer. They have been a value to our business, and a solution to a lot of our challenges. Our business relation began a few years ago. At that time we were in need of some GOOD, QUALITY carriers that understood the industry and could possibly help us understand it a little better as well. We were facing issues with driver shortages and lack of quality carriers was the bottom line. Which essentially was hurting our bottom line. Price is something that is always a driver in any business partnership, but for our business price is always second to performance. And I can truly say they have been worth every penny. They didn’t slowly become a part of our everyday business, they quickly did. Throughout the years I have seen a few people come and go on our account, every single time BRT never missed a beat. Their communication is excellent, clear, precise, and accurate. BRT has also proven to be second to none in 24 hour communication and assistance.

I personally have been fortunate to develop a very good working relationship with James Posipanka. James and BRT have not only proven to be a quality carrier, but an extremely dedicated and honorable carrier as well. When I took over for my predecessor in the produce industry, I did not have much experience at all. I also very little time to learn. James always just a phone call or email away with any questions or issues I had from the start.  James and BRT have been there ever since. Even if the issue didn’t pertain to Blue Ribbon, James was always willing to help us out and find the best possible solution for our business.

The team they have at BRT, and the dedication to their work exemplifies themselves in this industry. It is clear the BRT Team expects nothing but the best from themselves, and holds themselves to the highest standards.”  

John W. Sloan
Dispatch Coordinator, Giant Eagle, Inc.

“I have worked in logistics and supply chain for almost 10 years with companies of all sizes. We have seen the business grow and change, seen the new DOT laws get passed and repealed, and have dealt with the driver shortages. At the heart of the matter, there is very little that separates brokers from each other anymore except for one item: relationships.

“Blue Ribbon has great relationships. As a shipper and receiver, BRT and my team there always gets the equipment I need, when I need it. They provide me accurate ETA’s and my shipping and receiving staff likes the drivers they provide. BRT has gone above and beyond when pricing lanes for me and expanding my capabilities across the border into Mexico.

The other relationship that counts is that BRT has strong relationships with good quality carriers. The drivers have good equipment and good attitudes. My staff in receiving and shipping have nothing but good things to say about BRT carriers, and believe me that is rare. Working in produce many of the loads that I give to BRT are same day. I know that these are not covered off of load boards, they are covered with having good carrier relationships and knowing who is where.

I know when I send a load over to my team at BRT Darrel, Eric, Jon-Erik, and the after-hours crew will take care of it”.

Jeff Steinfurth
West Coast Logistics Manager, Apio, Inc.

“Tia has done a phenomenal job building a relationship with the ladies at Rick Miles.  In addition to this, her attention to detail is very refreshing, she always gets all the information correct; load numbers, apt times, updates ext…  Also, she is being proactive in getting the temp tails and PODs, the receiver at Kalamazoo hands the info to the drivers and she communicated to me that she was going to ask the other receivers if they could follow suit.. which to me makes perfect sense to me.”

Rick Miles Produce