Q&A 2With Director of HR, Jamie MeyerDSC_0041

When and why was the engagement committee formed?

“As BRT continued to grow, the leadership team wanted to ensure that the company never lost sight of employee engagement nor the importance of employee morale.  The engagement committee was formed in 2015 and holds representation of all the company departments.”

What is the primary role(s) of the engagement committee?

“The main purpose for this committee is to vet through all employee suggestions, decide and manage company and community events/involvement and serve as the leadership team’s sounding board on decisions that may affect employee morale or how a decision may impact employees.   The committee also helps management prioritize what’s important to employees as far as change/improvements.”

How does a BRT Employee become a member of the committee?

“The Director of HR is the chair of the committee.  There is a member of the leadership team that rotates into or out of the committee each year.  This allows the leadership team to stay engaged & further understand any challenges employees may be facing.  The members are representatives of all BRT departments to ensure the “voice” is heard from the entire company.   In January, the members can either accept their seat for the upcoming year or choose to rotate out.   In the event that someone chooses to withdraw, a message is sent to all employees for interest.  All interested employees must submit a brief statement on why they would be an asset to the committee as a member.  Once the statements have been collected, the committee makes selections (based on department, statement, & current performance).”

What activities has the engagement committee planned for the employees of BRT?

“The engagement committee plans diverse activities for our employees to participate in inside and outside of the work place; during and sometimes after business hours.  Our activities range from company lunch pitch ins, community involvement, contests, family picnics, and recognition events.  Details and pictures of many of our events can be found on our company blog under the title BRT Culture and on our Facebook page.”

How has having an engagement committee in place impacted the moral & office culture at BRT?

“The engagement committee has a goal of 80% of employees having a “thumbs up” morale!   Depending on the current events of the business, we have seen this number average around that mark for the past 2 years.  The committee is recognized as a great way to get involved and the employees really do feel like the company listens to their needs.

Although the committee will sometimes decline a request, employees are at least given a voice.”

Based on feedback from your employees, are you aware of any other company in your industry or outside your industry that has a dedicated group of employees to volunteer to meet and plan activities for the rest of the employees?

“Although many companies do have an “engagement committee”, it is very apparent that BRT’s committee has a true pulse and vision.  The committee meets bi-weekly and their work doesn’t go unnoticed….. this is especially noticed by employees that have worked with other companies before joining the BRT family.   Companies may have an employee event once a year, but BRT holds an event or opportunity to support the community once per month!!  We are very proud and blessed to have a company that truly gives to employees.  Whether it be NIKE company polos at 30 days of employment or annual tickets to the Indiana State Fair, we focus on family — both external and company!!”