Employees were welcomed bright and early Wednesday morning by the smell of pancakes.

Our Engagement Committee provided pancakes and a variety of toppings (chocolate chips, blueberries, whip cream) to show our hard working BRT team members our appreciation.

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The Engagement Committee is composed of  The Director of HR, as the chair of the committee, a member of the leadership team (that rotates into or out of the committee each year) and volunteer members representing all of BRT departments to ensure the “voice” is heard from the entire company.

The main purpose for this committee is to vet through all employee suggestions, decide and manage company and community events/involvement and serve as the leadership team’s sounding board on decisions that may affect employee morale or how a decision may impact employees.   The committee also helps management prioritize what’s important to employees as far as change/improvements.

The engagement committee plans diverse activities for our employees to participate in inside and outside of the work place; during and sometimes after business hours.  Our activities range from company lunch pitch ins, community involvement, contests, family picnics, and recognition events.  Details and pictures of many of our events can be found on our company blog under the title BRT Culture and on our Facebook page.