Dan“I began my career with BRT in 2002 opening mail, green as grass right out of college.  I instantly knew that BRT was the right place for me, one where I could foster my knowledge of the transportation industry and make a massive impact on the company’s growth. As the years have passed I’ve moved up in the company and had a voice in making proactive policies and procedures that have truly made Blue Ribbon a BADASS place to call home.  From our culture of “every associate counts”, our engagement committee, and our CEO’s “door always open” policy every associate from entry level to leadership has an equal opportunity to put their unique stamp on this company. Blue Ribbon is very active in our community offering service opportunities to give back across a wide spectrum of outreach organizations.  We also offer in-office activities that encourage team building and relationship building including BRT Office Olympics, Holiday decorating contests, Basketball games, etc. Blue Ribbon has become and industry leading Third-Party Transportation company who values each associate as family and ensures that the training programs we provide allow them every opportunity to advance within the company as I have.  Hard work, dedication and excellence are rewarded on a daily basis and our core values of Badass Culture, Figures It Out, Teamwork and High Service Logistics are evident in every decision and customer / carrier interaction. I have been extremely fortunate to have a 13 year career with BRT and I look forward to many more successful years to come.  Blue Ribbon is absolutely a BADASS company!”

Dan Himmelheber – Senior Manager of High Service Logistics

DSC_0125Fresh out of college with a degree in Supply Chain and Logistics, I knew I wanted to find a career to utilize my newly learned skills and make an impact. Blue Ribbon Transport was where my search ended. Throughout the interview process I knew I found a place with great culture and a “work hard, play hard” mentality. It was exactly what I was looking for! I have been a BRT employee for almost 3 years now and have been given the ability to advance not twice but THREE times! BRT invests in their employees with the mentality to promote hard working employees within. I have had the opportunity to learn from my managers and continue to gain knowledge every day.

Trish Monroe- Senior Assessment and Implementation Consultant

dsc_0110There were three main qualities I wanted from an employer. Culture, involvement in the community, and potential for advancement. Blue Ribbon not only meets these, but exceeds them. I couldn’t be happier working with a great group of people who know how to work, and play hard. Blue Ribbon focuses on helping the local community by participating in various volunteer activities, and encouraging everyone to participate. BRT also makes it a point to promote from within, by notifying all employees of career advancement opportunities available. I’ve worked at Blue Ribbon for over two years now, and even though we’ve grown a lot, these three qualities haven’t changed.

Anna Richter – Dedicated Accounts Manager

dsc_0119Blue Ribbon Transport is located in the historical Fort Benjamin Harris area. Our building is actually an old military storage facility refurbished into an office building. It is an incredible atmosphere – red brick, thick wooden rafters, plenty of natural lighting. We even have a basketball court! But it’s not our building that keeps me coming back to BRT – it’s the people inside it. We are a small enough company that your coworkers feel like family. Whether it’s staying late to help with last minute work, participating in a philanthropy outside of work, or helping each other move houses, you’ll find that BRT is full of individuals willing to do whatever tasks to help you succeed professionally and personally. The work we do is important and exciting…but it’s the people we work with that make it fulfilling.

Whit Smith—Team Lead, Freight Broker

john-c-chairI was hired by Blue Ribbon Transport in October of 2015 to lead and grow our sales team and business development. I immediately felt empowered to make decisions and I love that I was given full autonomy to revamp the sales team and make changes where needed.  Watching BRT’s continual growth from the ground level and having a voice and hand in the process that helps our growth has been the best thing about working for BRT for me.  BRT is flexible and willing to change when it’s needed.  Getting to have a voice in those changes makes it a great place to work.  I feel supported at BRT, having easy access to all of the leadership team, who are all there to help me if needed. Culturally, I love when we as a company have competitions that enable us to team up with our peers in different departments, giving a change to mingle and get to know each other further.  I also love that you can be successful at BRT with hard work, dedication and commitment to constant improvement within the company.  You have to be ready to think outside the box, to find new solutions to problems, and not be afraid to bring them to attention of management.

John Carlson – Manager of Business Development

torrey-chairOne question comes to mind when I think of BRT is “What was it that made me choose BRT over the other companies that I was interested in or interviewed for?” SIMPLE. The positive atmosphere at BRT was noticeable at all levels. People smiled; people were helpful; people were upbeat; people were genuine. Other companies talked the talk, but the body language here said something entirely different. My choice was based on two things. The people and the work. This intangible quality called a “FIT”. Each company develops a corporate persona that may or may not fit your personality. This encompasses many things from ethics to goals to the type of people hired. Through whatever conscious and sub-conscious thought processes, BRT felt right. I was not hired for a contract. I was hired into a company. The one thing that impressed me most about BRT during the interview process was the attitude of the people that I interviewed with and shadowed. I got a sense of company loyalty from them mixed with bona fide job satisfaction…that was especially good for me coming from not knowing anything about the logistics game! I liked the structure the leadership team brought to the table. I felt that everyone in the organization is an integral part of the whole, therefore a team. Flexibility to manage my work hours truly weighed my decision toward BRT. I felt that my quality of life would significantly improve and allow me to meet my family’s needs as well  as my own desire to continue my professional career. Flex time, atmosphere and additional learning is a PLUS here. It’s always good to know there is a reward for continuing to learn. THANKS BRT!!!

Torrey Moore – HSL Specialist, Noosa

jon-eric-chairI was hired by BRT as a Business Development rep in January of 2016 to help grow our customer base. The best thing about BRT is the reward system. If you work hard and put in the time you will be rewarded with either a promotion or wad of cash at the end of each quarter. You get out what you put in here at BRT and that is the ideal company for me. “If you aint first you’re last” –Ricky Bobby

Jon-Erik Bennett – Business Development




anna-s“I have worked at BRT for a little over a year now in Human Resources and Office Support.  This is, hands down, the best company I have ever worked for from culture and environment to feeling empowered to make critical decisions! BRT truly stands behind their core values which shows in the actions of the leadership team who are always accessible to employees whether they have an idea, concern, or question. And if this weren’t enough, we have the coolest building around equipped with an indoor basketball court and re-purposed materials such as doors from an old schoolhouse and a farm silo!”

Anna Sharpe – Office Manager and HR Support 


emmaThe best thing about working at BRT is the people and that I feel supported here. I know I can speak up and someone will listen.  If I have ideas or concerns, my Manager will drop what she is doing and listen.  I can make a mistake and while I’m trying to fix the mistakes, I’ll have several coworkers offer to help with the issue.  BRT has a very positive environment; there is always someone smiling.  Since begining at BRT a year ago, I’ve been promoted two times.  I started as a Carrier Manager Coordinator, then moved up to Carrier Manager Specialist and now I’m a Carrier Manager.  If you’re dedicated, you will be successful at BRT.

Emma Sheilds – Carrier Manager