This past Fabulous Friday on the BRT basketball court, Nick Schwartz, Account Manager, and Whit Smith, Senior Carrier Manager, faced off one last time before Whit took a four month leave of absence for continued training with the National Guard.  The below flyer was posted all over our two story office space so that NO ONE would miss the play off.

nick whit

This final “Face-off” was a nod to Nick and Whit’s playful rivalry and history of 1 on 1s on the BRT basketball court.

Back in September 2014, when Nick, an IU graduate, joined BRT, he was working on the same operations team as Whit, a Purdue graduate.  A friendly rivalry ensued.

One day back in late 2014, when both Nick and Whit had some down time, they started shooting around on our half court.  It quickly turned into a competitive 1 on 1 in which Whit succeeded in outscoring Nick.  Nick wasn’t having that and therefor called a rematch on Whit’s birthday in February 2015.  It was a huge, fun company wide spectator event and Nick won!

So, on Friday February 12th, a couple days after Whit’s birthday, on his last day before taking a 4 month leave of absence for continued training with the National Guard, Whit and Nick face off one more time.

IMG_2575IMG_2574Prior to the game, we listened to the National Anthem sung by Lady Gaga from 2016’s Super Bowl, as the guys stood at attention in front of our BRT flags.




It was an aggressive game and both guys gave his all.

But Whit finished strong, winning 11-9!


You can view more pictures of the playoff game on our Facebook page and you can watch the game in it’s entirety here.