Here at BRT we’ve been dealing with a pesky copier/printer/scanner that no matter how many times we call for repair, it doesn’t want to cooperate.  It frustrates us so much, and many of our team members have asked – “Can’t I just beat it to bits”?

Well – good idea – yes, you can!  We now have a NEW copier/printer/scanner and since we have to dispose of the old one anyway….We are holding an “Office Space” style beating and incorporating it into our Fundraiser for Bowl for Kids Sake happening May 11th.

What might that look like?  See the clip here.

On Thursday May 11th, 6-8pm, BRT will have a team participating in the Big Brother Big Sister of Indiana Bowling for Kids’ Sake event at Woodland Bowl ! We are currently taking donations here and to encourage more donations from our BRT associates we are allowing them to BID for the 1st Swing.  As of the time of this posting, first swing opening bid is up to $100!

After that, team members are able to donate $5.00 per swing or three swings for $10.00.

Stay tuned for pictures and video of what’s guaranteed to be an exciting fundraiser!!

*Don’t worry – we WILL appropriately recycle the copier’s parts locally once we’ve all had our fun (and hopefully raised a lot of money)   😉