I enjoy writing these newsletters because if forces me to take a minute to reflect on BRT’s accomplishments throughout the year. Business, like life itself, moves extremely fast. A big part of our job is to constantly explore ways that BRT can be a better value for its customers, carriers, and most importantly its employees. It’s rewarding to stop for a minute to look back at our accomplishments in 2015 and acknowledge the BadAss things we were able to accomplish as a team:

  • A new virtual IT environment with enhanced mobility and superior uptime
  • A complete re-branding of BRT and the successful launch of a new marketing program
  • The creation of multiple new revenue generating departments (Broker team and Supply Chain Advantage)
  • BRT’s first annual Family Fun Day
  • The build out of our Business Development team
  • The first annual BRTacademy awards to honor employees that exemplify our Core Values

These are great examples of how BRT continues to evolve, innovate, and grow. Companies that are not actively doing this are dying, and sometimes they are so big and successful they don’t know they are dying. Blockbuster was one of those companies and whenever I hear about a potential threat or opportunity in our industry I think of them.

Blockbuster did not understand their market was evolving and their customers were gravitating toward obtaining movies via the mail (Netflix), on demand (cable) and renting through a vending machine (Redbox) until it was too late.

2016 is going to be a year of market uncertainty for logistics. Oil prices are at unprecedented lows, and capacity is currently plentiful. These contributors are driving down market prices for transportation. Not one industry pundit predicted this twelve months ago. BRT needs to adapt to these conditions and make sure that we are ahead of our competition and not following them as we continue to build strategic alliances with our customers and carriers. We will do this by staying true to our core values, BadAss Team Players that Figure it Out, and delighting them with BRT’s High Service Logistics experience!