What is Supply Chain Advantage (SCA)?

Supply Chain Advantage is Blue Ribbon Transport’s Consultative Supply Chain Design team.  We give our clients the ability to bring Six Sigma driven Assessment, Design and Implementation to complex supply chain problems.  What makes our services unique is that we apply our 20 years of transportation and distribution to our sister company Caito Foods and their 50 years of highest quality food manufacturing, distribution and safety to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions at almost any piece of a supply chain.

We offer traditional 3PL services, 4PL services, Private Fleet, Forward Distribution, Manufacturing and Safety, and Consulting Services to our client base.  Using our proven process to Assess, Analyze, Propose and Implement, Supply Chain Advantage executes on our client’s needs for lowered landed cost, efficiency and increased overall profitability a reality.

Assessment Stage

In the Assessment stage of the Supply Chain Advantage Proven Process, we fully interview all departments touched by a company’s Supply Chain.  Sales, Customer Service, Procurement, Shipping/Receiving, Traffic, Accounting and IT are all vetted for opportunities to bring massive impact.  Supply Chain Advantage will bring our professional Assessment team onsite and conduct one on one interviews in order to diagram the Life of an Order for the client.  This is the basis from which Supply Chain Advantages are found.

Analysis Stage

In the Analysis stage of the Supply Chain Advantage Proven Process, we take the information and data created in the Assessment stage and begin designing the future state for the client.  Utilizing powerful tools such as Mojo Transportation Optimization software.  Our process takes into account Mode Optimization, Multi-Stop Routing, Continuous Moves, Asset Utilization and Driver Utilization to ensure we are bringing the best possible solutions to the table.  This allows us to provide clients with actionable improvements driven by supporting data.

Business Case Stage

In the Business Case stage of the Supply Chain Advantage Proven Process, we present the results of our Assessment and Analysis Process.  We show what the line item benefits are for the client should they choose to move forward.  Our proposal will show both soft and hard cost impacts in the client’s terms so that the value of the potential partnership is clear and well defined before a client makes a decision.

Then we show in the proposal how Supply Chain Advantage will help walk the client through the implementation process to Go Live.  The end result being that the client is fully informed what the solution is and how to bring it to fruition.

Implementation Stage

In the Implementation stage of the Supply Chain Advantage Proven Process, we take the suggested solutions from the Business Case and guide the client towards making them a reality.  With an emphasis on personal face to face interaction, our team builds a vertically integrated stakeholder group in collaboration with the client.  This group led by project managers from both Supply Chain Advantage and the client guide the team through the implementation timeline to Go Live.  The result is a transparent accountable process that make implementation easier and faster in bringing forces of positive change.