“VDI allows us to meet customer expectations anywhere/anytime”.
Carey Weddle, Director of Finance & Administration


I joined BRT in 2012, new to the world of Food and Beverage Transportation.  I quickly learned that moving perishable goods is not like moving transmissions.  Our CEO, David Frizzell, made that idea clear to me with his favorite saying, “the product we move is dying the second it comes off the vine”.  Because BRT grew from the produce distribution environment our High Service Logistics Teams were built on 24/7 service.  Access to our TMS and supply chain resources anytime/anywhere were a necessity.

BRT moved to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in 2014.  Prior to the change BRT had experienced regular system downtime.  I was tasked with finding a new solution to stabilize our work environment.  Coming from traditional server environments at prior stops in my career, I had concerns with a new solution, but the opportunity to work anywhere in any environment fit our business needs perfectly.  Teaming up with AdarIT to access our systems via VMWare has changed the way we do business.  I now have the same access to my desktop, no matter where works calls, via my laptop, tablet or smart phone.  Sometimes I seamlessly bounce back in forth between all three throughout the day.  With our VDI environment I can start a project at my desktop, run into a meeting with my IPad, and my desktop travels with me.  The same session is available via my IPhone over lunch and other than working off a smaller monitor I have the same access and functionality as I do in my office.

In addition to an improved user experience, VDI through AdarIT has allowed us to scale our IT resources as the business grows.  Our head count has grown 25% since moving to the cloud.  The growth has been seamless without any new IT resources.  The Wyse terminals used to connect to our cloud desktops require no maintenance, have a longer life and cost half as much as providing each user local desktops.  The move to VDI has allowed us to focus on our core business of High Service Logistics.

For our customers, BRT serves as a single point of access to hundreds of carriers and flexible transportation capacity.  We have developed industry leading technology and the BRT Proven Process to standardize the high service our customers expect.  VDI allows our logistics managers to have access to our network of lane data and backhaul opportunities anywhere/anytime so we can meet customer expectations.