We are BRT’s new 4PL, Outsourcing and Consultative Service which is a fancy way of saying, if a customer needs someone to be their Logistics Department, SCA can help them do that!

SCA came to be because several of our customers had approached BRT about bringing our High Service Logistics mentality to their entire supply chain rather than specific pieces of their transportation needs.

There are 3 benefits that differentiate us from our competition:

  1. End to End Optimization:  We are not just interested in the client’s transportation, but also in warehousing, shipping/receiving, dedicated assets where we can bring massive impact.
  2. Personalized Advantages:  Because we are in a medium sized privately held company, if we need to change what we do or develop a service for a client, we can make that change faster than our competition because they have to go through multiple levels of approval to make a change.
  3. High Service Logistics:  We work with clients that have difficult and complex supply chains.  This is the type of business we grew up in and know best!

SCA gets involved when someone at BRT has a client that has $1 Million or more transportation spend and interaction at the Director level or higher with the ability to make high level decisions on Supply Chain direction.

We work with all departments of BRT and at the end of the day, YOU are our customer.

Contact Mark Clark:  [email protected], if you’re ready to let BRT’s High Service Logistic Team help you!