Work Life Balance

I have spent many years in recruiting and I have often been questioned about Blue Ribbon Transport’s commitment to work life balance (in one form or another) from applicants in the interview process.  It is an important question as both candidates as well as the company are searching for a good match when it comes to hiring.

I’d like to share my opinion on this topic and how I truly view work life balance.

It is my belief that it is impossible for a company to regulate an employee’s work life balance due to our technology and the access it provides for employees to work 24/7/365.  Unfortunately, technology doesn’t allow us to “shut off” an employee so he/she can recharge and focus on the “life balance” part.

When candidates ask me about BRT’s committment to our employee’s work live balance, I simply answer with, “At Blue Ribbon Transport, it is critical that we support all employees with work life balance.  What your balance is today, may not be the same balance you need tomorrow.  We support you with where you are at in your life cycle whether that be single, married, with children, without, going into retirement, etc.”

I explain that it is our employees that will need to decided what that looks like for them and it is BRT’s responsibility to support that balance as much as business can allow without jeopardizing company objectives and success.

In my role as “recruiter”, I elaborate and share with candidates all the fun BRT in office events we hold during business hours (like these) to show our appreciation for our employees, incorporate balance in the workplace and demonstrate that BRT is the BEST place to work!

How much responsibility do you think a company has to ensure work life balance for it’s employees?

DSC_0041Jamie Meyer, Director of Human Resources

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